We are able to supply and fit all accessories. Please contact us with your requirements. Listed below are some examples that you may well be interested in.

          Tyron bands               Tyron

  • As a deflated tyre collapses, the wheel rim can come into contact with the road causing loss of control

  • TYRON locks your tyre to the rim, forming a cushion of rubber so you can stay in control and drive to safety!

This is the latest mover from Truma. 

GO2 - Small but Mighty -German engineering at it's best!

 £875.00 fitted - price reduced by £25 if fitted at the same time as having your Annual Service

                        Truma Motormover

  • Very light - weighs just 34kg
  • Remote conrol manoeuvering
  • Convenient manual engagement and disengagement of the aluminium rollers from one side
  • Able to move caravans with a weight of up to 1,800kg on a gradient of 15%

Why not try NEW refillable Gas Cyliners? Fitted by our expert engineer! 

Gaslow Refillable