Accessories Available from Costock Caravan Services

We are able to supply and fit all accessories, so please do not hesitate to contact us with your requirements.

Listed below are some examples that you may well be interested in.

One of the best-respected products available within the industry are Tyron safety bands, designed to hold the wheel and tyre together in the event of a blowout to allow you to guide the unit to safety.

In the unfortunate event of a deflated tyre, the Tyron band locks the tyre onto the rim, forming a cushion of rubber so you can stay in control and drive to safety!

Tyron example
Tyron advert

The Latest Mover From Truma...

The GO2 - Small but Mighty -German engineering at it's best!

Weighing just 34kg, The GO2 is able to remotely manoeuver caravans weighing up to 1,800kg on a gradient of 15%. The GO2 has convenient manual engagement and disengagement of the aluminium rollers from one side. 

Customers that have these fitted at the same time as an Annual Service save £25 on the RRP of £875.00 fitted.

Gas cylinder systen

Refillable Gas Cylinders...

Why not try these new Refillable Gas Cyliners? Our expert engineers will be happy to fit these for you.